Success Philosophy

Aggressive Cleaning Strategy

At Aggressive Cleaning we understand that quality service is achieved by exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our success philosophy of Aggressive Cleaning, LLC places great emphasis on on-site leadership and team-based performance, complemented with weekly ownership inspection.

Our ownership and management is directly involved in day-to-day operations of the company, making it easier to resolve issue and initiate new process and procedures to overcome obstacles that may arise.  All sales, operations and quality assurance functions are spearheaded by president and owner Ryan VanderGraaf.

Each facility is operated by a supervisor whose number one priority is to provide the best service for that facility.

Quality Control System:

Our goal is total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  At Aggressive Cleaning, we feel the only way to ensure quality for our customers is to design quality system and procedures into every aspect of our company.

Our quality program includes:

  • Regular inspections by the supervisor
  • Staying proactive
  • Communication
  • Training

On-Site Supervisors:

The supervisor at each client location performs multiple tasks daily to ensure compliance with the client’s scope of work.  Moreover, this individual plays a valuable role in establishing (and maintaining) good client relations, which creates and fosters a bond dedicated to achieving mutual objectives.

Staying Proactive:

Aggressive Cleaning, LLC is in the business of providing janitorial solutions.  A key element to our success is taking a proactive approach to identify challenges and offer solutions. Our proactive stance manifests itself in many ways. For example, consistency in service delivery requires a dependable, stable employee base.


Communication and responsiveness are other keys to quality control.  Aggressive Cleaning, LLC believes that a successful company is one that responds promptly and effectively.  Staying connected with our customers also allows us to more effectively communicate with our staff on what the scope of services is.


Our training programs include: traditional office cleaning techniques, green cleaning techniques, medical office cleaning techniques, surgical room terminal cleaning, training on the latest eco-friendly equipment and supplies, and efficient business management. We have access to the most advanced training on the use of all the necessary equipment, chemicals and supplies, as well as efficient techniques that can help you save time and money. We are also proud to be IICRC certified.

Further, to recognize talent and to respond effectively to client needs, we have established an internal skills bank, built on the range of talent across our workforce.  Our labor sourcing capabilities and our willingness to invest in the development and dignity of our employees contributes to the stability and dependability of our workforce as well as our pricing and service competitiveness.