Love My Pet But Not The Odors

As a dog owner, you may have experienced this a few times. Cleaning this mess is relatively easy, right? You take your sweet pooch to the dog washing station at the local pet store, spend about 20-30 minutes with her in the tub and head home. If this happens at home, you simply hose her down and dry her off.

But what happens when the odor comes home with you or is in your home due to your kidimal marking his territory, getting old, having bad breath, or having a serious case of bad gas? Eliminating pet odor from your home doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking.

There are a few simple steps you can take in order to reduce pet odor from the get-go:

  • Keep your pet clean: Regular baths and cleaning their environment (let it be the kitty litter or the enclosure of a rodent or reptile) is your first line of defense for a cleaner home. Washing your pet’s bedding will help reduce the stink as well.
  • Use cleaners and deodorizers that are specifically formulated to deal with pet odors. There are a number of chemical-free solutions available in order to keep everyone happy and healthy.
  • Feed your kidimal a healthy diet. When you switch brands, make sure to include a proper transition period. Keeping those human foods to a minimum will also help with supporting a healthy gut for your furry friend.
  • Go to the vet regularly. Seeing the vet annually will allow you to spot potential problems before they become a bigger issue.

Let’s say you’re doing everything “right” and your kidimal is still causing a stink in your home. Cleaning up the messes immediately will help the odors diminish more quickly. For new stains, make sure to soak up as much urine as possible. Keep blotting the area until the area is barely damp. Using baking soda on the wet spot is an easy way to block odors from recurring.

What about those pesky stains that have been there a while? Renting a carpet shampooer from your local grocery store or hardware store is your best bet. Make sure to get the carpet shampoo formula that is specific to removing pet odors. Using a high-quality pet neutralizer when the carpet or furniture is completely dry will help keep your pet from re-soiling the same area. Using steam cleaners should be avoided as the heat will set the stain and odor by bonding protein to the man-made fibers.

If you have paint or wood damage, you may need to remove a layer of paint and replace it with new paint or varnish.

When looking to find older messes, use your nose or use a black light to find areas that require extra attention.

Remember, your pet is probably trying to tell you something if she’s intentionally eliminating in improper locations. First, take her to the vet to ensure she’s healthy. Then, use positive reinforcement to encourage a change in behavior. Work together with your kidimal so you can both have a happy, stink-free home.

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