Carpet Protectant – Everything You Need to Know

We’ve already cleaned the carpets, now we’re supposed to protect them too? Maintaining our home’s carpets can quickly become quite a chore, but a chore well worth it to keep your carpets looking fresh and stain-free. Don’t let all your spring carpet cleaning work go to waste, check out the benefits of carpet protectant below!

The What and the How of Carpet Protectant

Carpet protectant, commonly known as Scotchgard, is used on carpet, upholstery, and fabric to repel both stains and water. It works to create an invisible coating that makes it more difficult for dirt and dust to attach themselves to your floor or furniture. Furthermore, this barrier makes it harder for spills and dirt to attach deeply into your carpet fibers. What does this mean for you? More shallow spills can be wiped away before they soak into your carpet.

While most carpets come from the mill with a layer of Scotchgard protection, that coating will wear off over time. Having this coating re-applied periodically will prolong the life of your carpet and upholstery.

Benefits of Carpet Protectant

Now that you have an understanding of what carpet protectant is and how it works, we can dive into the benefits that it has to offer when it comes to prolonging the life of your carpets!

Not only will carpet protectant keep stains from ruining your carpet, but it will also help protect your carpet fibers and upholstered furniture from wear and tear. The protective seal is applied to the surface of your carpet or furniture and creates a barrier that protects from premature wear

  • Prolongs that ‘Fresh, Clean”’ Look

You know how your carpet looks, smells, and feels after a heavy-duty, professional cleaning. Carpet protectant can help preserve that “just cleaned” look that everyone loves right after cleaning.

  • Makes Future Cleaning Easier

The protective barrier that carpet protectant creates makes it much more difficult for dirt and spills to penetrate deep into the carpet or upholstery fibers. Because protectant keeps spills on the surface through this barrier, it makes for an easier clean-up in the long run.

  • Saves Money in the Long Run

This one is a no-brainer! Think of how much it costs to replace carpet or furniture that’s worn or ruined from one too many spills? Having your carpet and upholstery regularly cleaned and protected is a lot cheaper than replacement!


No matter your carpet cleaning or protectant needs, our IICRC-certified team is ready to help you make sure that your carpets and upholstery are cleaned, protected, and ready to last. Contact us today or use our new online booking system to schedule your appointment!

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