Carpet Protectant – Everything You Need to Know

aggressive cleaning carpet protectant

We’ve already cleaned the carpets, now we’re supposed to protect them too? Maintaining our home’s carpets can quickly become quite a chore, but a chore well worth it to keep your carpets looking fresh and stain-free. Don’t let all your spring carpet cleaning work go to waste, check out the benefits of carpet protectant below!…

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Celebrate Spring with a Residential Carpet Cleaning special

commercial cleaning

Now that we’ll be spending more time outside, it’s a great time to consider carpet cleaning to get your home feeling fresh and new as we enter into a new season. Spring is the dreaded season for most seasonal allergy sufferers. Did you know that steam extracting your carpet is an easy and efficient way…

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4 Ways Workplace Cleanliness Can Improve Employee Productivity

clean workplace

A clean workplace is not only necessary for sanitation reasons. The fact of the matter is that office cleanliness has a big impact on the productivity of workers and work-associated projects. Are you curious about how this is so? Read further! We’ll be discussing 4 ways workplace cleanliness improves productivity. Decreases “Search” Time It does…

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